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If you have made it to this page that means you are a NEW client at Dchamberlain Fitness! Congratulations on taking the first major step in your fitness journey!
This page will serve as a guide to getting started in the days leading up to your first session and throughout the Coach-Client process.
Below you will find links to important documents and pages as well as recommended products such as Home Fitness Equipment, Supplements, Habit or Lifestyle Shaping items and so much more.
Refer back here to continue to make sure you're all set and eventually make your way to the "Set Up" page for excess equipment and product recommendations once you're flowin'.
Stoked to get started with you!
Coach Dalton

Pre-Session 1

at Home Essentials

Exercise Bands

These are by far a home gym essential and for only $20 bucks, they truly pay off 100-fold. With weight accessible up to 150lbs, theres nothing better to get started with than some bands at home.

Body Fat Scale

In terms of measurement and progress for anything from weight loss, to muscle gain or maintenance, you need tools to do so. This $26 smart scale is IDEAL for measuring changes in body composition overtime and we will reference it daily in terms of growth.

Standard Yoga Mat

This one is 100% optional as working out at home on the floor, a towel or carpet would suffice, but having a basic mat will help you keep a clean, tidy and organized gym space and provide comfort for floor exercises and stretching.

Level 2

Next Steps for getting Serious

1 Gallon Bottle

As we most likely have already discussed by now, water is the key to success in terms of health. If you are not properly hydrated, nothing will work. A measured bottle like this or another similar is a great way to hit your daily water intake goals!

Portable Exercise Bike

Ideal for working at home, this portable exercise bike can help you burn calories without leaving your desk! Simply put it under your working station or at the foot of the couch to make normal time work for you!

Trigger Foam Roller

A definite must have after becoming accustomed to an active lifestyle. This is my personal foam roller that I use, and It is excellent for what it does. Best foam roller on the market for the price!

Blue Light Glasses

The best way to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light of computers, tv's and cell phones is through not using them; the second best way is with blue light blockers. These will keep the harmful light from effecting your sleep!

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Now you are all set for succcess!

See you in our Sessions!

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